We are Local Wholesalers of The Best Window Treatments in Southern California including: Plantation Shutters, Window Blinds, Custom Draperies and Shades.

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Shutters History

Do you know when were the first window shutters created?

The first window shutters were created by ancient greek designer, primarily made of marble, a material used by most of the Greeks to decorate their homes.  And the design of the first window shutter was made to regulate sunlight and to let air flow inside the house.

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Plantation Shutters in Santa Ana

Plantation Shutters in Santa Ana

Creative Window Coverings is your Local Wholesaler for Plantation Shutters in Santa Ana and Orange County Cities.  We have a wide expertise on Window Treatments and Window Coverings overall. We Repair, Redesign and Install your Window Shutters at very low discount prices, Serving Santa Ana in Orange County for more than 30 YEARS (since 1982), we have the Best Customer Service in the area, Serving Orange County and Los Angeles County including Santa Ana, Buena Park, Anaheim, Los Cerritos, Lakewood California. Call us with no commitment to our Customer Service Phone Number (714)739-2801 and we would provide you with World Class Customer Service, Custom Free Assistance and Discount prices on all Plantation Shutters Models, Quality is a Guarantee.

We are Local Whole Sellers of the Finest Window Treatments:

-Custom Draperies in Santa Ana

-Window Shades in Santa Ana

-Window Blinds in Santa Ana


Our Coverage areas includes ALL Southern California including Orange County, Los Angeles County, Santa Ana, Anaheim, Riverside, Los Cerritos, Whittier, Lakewood, Long Beach, Huntington Beach, La Mirada, La Habra, Contact us for Consultation...   Are you Buying a New Homes? or Just want to Remodel your own. Our Assistance varies with a wide Range of Solution from Decoration empty spaces up to a whole remodelation on your Window Coverings. Don´t worry about Prices we offer Discount through the Whole Year. With our expertise we will combine your Window Treatment with your Living room Furniture, also we would do an excellent Job in your Bedroom or any space that you would like to redesign. Selecting the right Window Covering will be the magic touch when you are decorating your home indoors.  Getting the best Window Covering at the most affordable price is easy with us. Our Shop has a wide variety of choices to pick like Custom Draperies, Plantation Shutters, Window Blinds  There is a couple of details that we will help you to take care of, and best thing is that our Custom Help is free. We will help you cover the Window Treatment Checklist to make your life easier.

Two factors that we take care of on your Custom Plantation Shutters arePrivacy and Design

Let's say for instance that you want to repair an old Window Shutter,  but you are looking for a little bit of Darkness or Privacity a very good option would be Getting a New Wooden Shutter or Polycore Shutter, if your Window Shutter is new but you still want some privacity, we can make a mix with Roller Shades  why?  Making a change from an old Window to a new Window Shutter would make a 360° change on the view and perspective of the Space you are decorating, let me give an example let´s say for instance that your current Window Covering is a Traditional Plantation Shutter, if you make a transition to a Louver Wooden Shutter it will give a completly new look to your Home, and if on top you Cobine with a Shade or a Seam the aspect and everything inside will look as if it is the first time that you have been in there, the change is visible, We offer Free Custom Help to guide call us with no commitment at (714)739-2801

Combination.  How to make a perfect combination?

Well as far as combination you can make perfect match with different materials, you can select between
-Fauxwood Shutters in Santa Ana
Polycore Shutters in Santa Ana
Wood Shutters in Santa Ana
Special Items

There is also different stains and colors that you could pick and include in your Custom Decoration.  Discount Blind Shop will help you in your selection we have the Lowest Prices and Free Custom Help in Southern California cities specifically in Santa Ana California.

Contact us our phone number is (714) 739-2801

Serving Areas by Zip Code: 92701, 92702, 92703, 92704, 92705, 92706, 92707, 92711, 92712, 92735, 92799

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Custom Plantation Shutters in Anaheim

Custom Plantation Shutters in Anaheim

Custom Wood Plantation Shutters in Anaheim

Creative Window Coverings is a local wholesaler of Custom Window Treatments in Anaheim Southern California.  Among the wide variety of Custom Window Treatments that we offer we are selling Plantation Shutters, Window Blinds and Custom Draperies at bargain discount prices!!!

If you are looking for Custom Plantation Shutters in Anaheim and surrounding areas including: Cypress, La Palma, La Mirada, Yorba Linda or Buena Park you have just reached to #1 Wholesaler of Beautiful Plantation Shutters in Orange County and Los Angeles County.  With our Custom Window Treatments we will definitely make a change on your home´s appearance, in fact we have been serving Anaheim since 1982 providing the best of our expertise on Quality Window Treatments at the lowest discount prices in your City.  With our CUSTOM HELP we would provide you with free assistance the 365 days of the year.

We also offer a wide variety of Discount Plantation Shutters on different materials, we would help you to find the best model for your Home on Indoor´s Window Treatments, below there are some examples of our Plantation Shutters, please take a look and we will help you to pick the best match for your Home:

All of our Window Shutters are fully customizable with different materials and a variety of colors; our Custom Help is totally free so we would be able to provide you with custom assistance on the selection of the right materials, color or stain, shape or model that is more convenient for you, your home and therefore your Family.

Your Satisfaction is very important for us so our assistance includes:
1.  Measuring:  Accuracy while measuring the size of your window is very important before the installation of any Window Treatment including Window Shutters.  Right measurement will help us avoid filtrations on your windows, hence saving you thousands of dollars on Energy Bills.  If you have a Window with a peculiar shape like an arched, circular or octagon shape, we have Special Shutters that we  will Customize with a 100% of accuracy.

2.  Customization:  Selecting the right material and color will make the difference on your Window Shutters.  There is a wide variety of models and colors that we can show you and compare with you so we get into the right decision on the customization of your New Window Shutters.  Quality is priority so we only use Top Quality Materials on all of our Shutters, we Customize your Window Coverings with the Best Designs!  CALL US WE GIVE YOU FREE CUSTOM HELP (714) 739-2801.

3.  Installation:  Once Measurement and Customization steps are covered, We Install Your Window Treatment making sure of covering every single detail on the installation process.  A Professional Clean Installation and the assistance of an experienced hand is always important!  We have seen Window Shutter´s Installation that has turned into a double expense for the Customer because of the lack of experience of the person installing the Window Treatment.  Professionalism and Experience plays an important role on this matter! Our Clean Job and Customer Service is Guaranteed, We have lot of experience on this matter officially in Business since 1982 serving Los Angeles County, Anaheim CA and Southern California including Orange County Cities.

We have the Lowest Discounted Prices in Anaheim Southern California, the durability of our Window Shutters is Guaranteed, we use Top Quality Materials and Moreover our Professional Custom Assistance is free, don't wait more time call us for free help at (714) 739-2801 No Commitement, or 


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