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Roller and Solar Shades in Anaheim

Roller Shades and Solar Shades in Anaheim

Get Discounts on all our Quality Roller Shades and Solar Shades in Buena Park, Anaheim and Orange County Cities!!!

In Anaheim, we have The Best Quality Roller Shades and Solar Shades from all over Southern California, we are selling all our products at bargain discount prices, take advantage of the largest sales and discounts going on now.  Our Window Shades are the perfect solution for your Window Coverings because they are really affordable to any ones pocket and our quality Shades guarantee is that you will have a product that will remain for a long period of time, request a Free Quote in here and we will assist you with Free Custom help.  

A good Roller Shade must be durable for your home and to achieve this the Window Shade must be confectioned of Top Quality materials, in order for a Window Shade to be resistant and efficient each one of the pieces that conforms the item needs to be carefully shaped, per example The fabric or the woven material on which the Roller Shade is manufactured needs to be efficiently made for your protection from UV rays.  There is low quality shades that gets broken rapidly, leaving you totally exposed.  We always suggest Customers to look for quality, If you are buying Shades for the first time ever, one of the things that you need to pay special attention for is the top part of the Window Shade, if the Fabric or PVC material is cling to the tube with a very resistant glue or a hand made seam it could be good, otherwise you will have a fallen or broken Window Shade and sincerely we  don´t want that for you, call us for free assistance (714) 739-2801 we have the best of the best in the market.

Look at the pictures of Roller Shades that we sell, all these models are made of Top Quality materials and are available for you at discount prices, its the best you will find in Anaheim:

Also the Clutch, Fascia and Brackets needs to be install appropriately with the necesary tools in order to avoid screwing up materials. A Clean job on site is needed specially on the installment of this kind of Window Treatment, in order to avoid damages on your wall or on the surface that you would like the installation to be performed

We will do a Clean Job on site! Call us at (714) 739-2801 for Custom Assistance or 

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Custom Plantation Shutters in Anaheim

Custom Plantation Shutters in Anaheim

Custom Wood Plantation Shutters in Anaheim

Creative Window Coverings is a local wholesaler of Custom Window Treatments in Anaheim Southern California.  Among the wide variety of Custom Window Treatments that we offer we are selling Plantation Shutters, Window Blinds and Custom Draperies at bargain discount prices!!!

If you are looking for Custom Plantation Shutters in Anaheim and surrounding areas including: Cypress, La Palma, La Mirada, Yorba Linda or Buena Park you have just reached to #1 Wholesaler of Beautiful Plantation Shutters in Orange County and Los Angeles County.  With our Custom Window Treatments we will definitely make a change on your home´s appearance, in fact we have been serving Anaheim since 1982 providing the best of our expertise on Quality Window Treatments at the lowest discount prices in your City.  With our CUSTOM HELP we would provide you with free assistance the 365 days of the year.

We also offer a wide variety of Discount Plantation Shutters on different materials, we would help you to find the best model for your Home on Indoor´s Window Treatments, below there are some examples of our Plantation Shutters, please take a look and we will help you to pick the best match for your Home:

All of our Window Shutters are fully customizable with different materials and a variety of colors; our Custom Help is totally free so we would be able to provide you with custom assistance on the selection of the right materials, color or stain, shape or model that is more convenient for you, your home and therefore your Family.

Your Satisfaction is very important for us so our assistance includes:
1.  Measuring:  Accuracy while measuring the size of your window is very important before the installation of any Window Treatment including Window Shutters.  Right measurement will help us avoid filtrations on your windows, hence saving you thousands of dollars on Energy Bills.  If you have a Window with a peculiar shape like an arched, circular or octagon shape, we have Special Shutters that we  will Customize with a 100% of accuracy.

2.  Customization:  Selecting the right material and color will make the difference on your Window Shutters.  There is a wide variety of models and colors that we can show you and compare with you so we get into the right decision on the customization of your New Window Shutters.  Quality is priority so we only use Top Quality Materials on all of our Shutters, we Customize your Window Coverings with the Best Designs!  CALL US WE GIVE YOU FREE CUSTOM HELP (714) 739-2801.

3.  Installation:  Once Measurement and Customization steps are covered, We Install Your Window Treatment making sure of covering every single detail on the installation process.  A Professional Clean Installation and the assistance of an experienced hand is always important!  We have seen Window Shutter´s Installation that has turned into a double expense for the Customer because of the lack of experience of the person installing the Window Treatment.  Professionalism and Experience plays an important role on this matter! Our Clean Job and Customer Service is Guaranteed, We have lot of experience on this matter officially in Business since 1982 serving Los Angeles County, Anaheim CA and Southern California including Orange County Cities.

We have the Lowest Discounted Prices in Anaheim Southern California, the durability of our Window Shutters is Guaranteed, we use Top Quality Materials and Moreover our Professional Custom Assistance is free, don't wait more time call us for free help at (714) 739-2801 No Commitement, or 


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