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Window Shutters in Southern California

Discount Plantation Shutters in Norco California

When designing a home there is a lot of aspects that needs to be taken in consideration before installing any type of Window Treatment.  In this article we will touch some important points that are almost always overlooked by the buyer when acquiring a new Window Treatment for home.  Our main intention as Window Coverings experts is to always assist you and provide you with our advice in order to avoid future mistakes while installing your Window Treatments.  We are local wholesaler of Window Treatments in Southern California including: Plantation Shutters, Custom Draperies, Window Blinds and Shades.

It is important to keep in mind the performance of your Window Treatment before the installation, therefore it is crucial to take measures in order to design a sketch with the Window Covering, this will prevent the installer from falling into common errors because of not knowing the area of installation, a well installed Window Treatment will save you a considerable amount of money on Energy bills and will create the desired environment in your home.

Creative Window Coverings is a company specialized on Window Treatments since 1982, we are experts on this matter and we will help you with our free Custom assistance on your Window Coverings installation! We are wholesalers of the finest treatments like Plantation Shutters and Window Blinds, and also manufacturers of custom draperies, shades, beddings and top treatments.

Moulding and Decorative Casings for Window Shutters

If you are building or remodeling your home and you would like to use decorative molding casing such as Wooden Plantation Shutters or two inch plantation size wooden blinds, we make sure to always leave 2½" space for each side of the window. If you want a double window enclosed within a single window opening the best is to use vertical trim strips between the window treatment. We offer you free Custom Assistance that includes measuring the size and depth of your Window taking in consideration vertical trim strips and handle or any other accessory used.

Different styles and shapes on Window Treatments

Buy Special Shutters!A Lot of customers prefer different kind of Window designs such as: Eyebrow, Rake, Octagon or Arch and although these are really appealing shapes many customers feel skeptical of getting Window Treatments like these because of the limited amount of options and restrictions that comes when decorating these types of Window styles. If this is your case and you have a particular window style, don´t worry we offer you different type of Special Shutters including Front door cut out with rectangular cut out and half circle cut out, we also offer:

  • Sunburst Shutters
  • Eyebrow Shutters
  • Circle Shutters & Rake Shutters
  • Arch Shutters & Octagon Shutters

There are also some other things to bear in mind when you are remodeling your home thinking on Window Treatments, first make sure that your Windows are reachable even in those places where you have a construction in progress, this will make everything easier in forthcoming decorations even on new additions. Also there is other Window Treatments that you could use to combine with your Plantation Shutters such as Custom draperies and Window Shades, this type of customization will give a special look to your Windows and will make them stand out from the rest.

We are here to help you, we have the Best Plantation Shutters in Norco at discount prices please call us at (714) 739-2801 or »Contact Us here to get a Quote

Quality Plantation Shutters will look stunning on your Window´s Frame! Serving Bellflower with the TOP NOTCH Window Treatments at Discount Price.

Installing a Window Treatments specially a Plantation Shutters is a matter of paying attention to everything that is involved, not just careful attention but an intuition on knowing that you are Covering every single detail.

Seeing as your Customers would see through that Window Covering make us Customize your Window Treatment based on your desires.
The special care that we put into your Window Treatment installation help us to avoid awkward mistakes, and with Expertise we reach perfection.  Precision in measurement, wariness while uninstalling any previous treatment, and custom details are crucial to perform the job with the most proficient accuracy on everything involved on a Window Treatment.

We have special perfect models of Plantation Shutters for your Home


Hard Window Treatments in your Home are essential to ensure security on every single of the family members on a dwell,  so beyond proving security it reflects harmony and also distinguish class from ordinary, remember Quality is visible and you can distinguish Quality Plantation Shutters from one that is not.  also ensure your pocket! make wise decisions investing on quality for your Home with our Discount Window Treatments in Bellflower.  CONTACT US HERE...


Looking For Plantation Shutters in Irvine?

Creative Window Coverings is a Wholesaler of The Best Window Treatments including Plantation Shutters, Custom Draperies and Window Blinds in Irvine Southern California.  The devotion that we have to our job and the dedication that we put together in order to achieve a succesful installation of any of the Window Treatment that we offer in Irvine make us experts on Hard and Soft Window Treatments.  Thanks to our long trajectory on the industry we have developed a wide range of options for our Customers from the top quality Window Treatments in the market at the lowest prices we are offering: Discount Plantation Shutters, Custom Draperies, Window Blinds and Shades.

Irvine is a city located in Orange County where you will find a big number of houses, schools and commercial centers, the architecture of the houses varies depending on the township that you are located. In some townships you will find a mixture of houses that were built using beautiful mediterranean styles and others single floor ranch style houses decorated with different Window Treatments.  In Irvine we have done many installations of Plantation Shutters with an excellent customer satisfaction and our guarantee is that we repair any Window Treatment installed by us.  If you are looking for a Window Treatment expert we will assist you on the customization of your Window Coverings call us today (714) 739-2801!

Customizing a Window Treatment is not an easy task specially on Window Shutters, selecting the right material and color of the Window Treatment that matches with your Home style is a labor that we do carefully and with all the Love to give your Home a good appearance, in fact we have been Customizing Window Treatments for more than 30 years. Thus, we dedicate our Business to the embellishment of your home using THE BEST QUALITY WINDOW SHUTTERS at the lowest prices in Irvine.

As Home owners and experts on Window Treatments we understand that choosing Quality Materials for your Window Shutters is crucial in your Home´s decoration, so when you are buying any type of Window Treatment it is of foremost importance to select Quality materials for your Window Coverings in order to obtain a greater satisfaction.  When you invest on Plantation Shutters you are making a major investment because it increases the value of the estimate price of your home.

Why our Products? Our Window Shutters are made of Quality materials and that ensures that the product perdures for longer, Nowadays most of the Window Shutters in the market are made of poor materials causing extra expenses on tweaks and changes every single year.  We meet and exceed Quality standards making sure of:

  1. Keeping the desired environment when you want to heat or cool your Home, avoiding filtrations and saving you money on Maintenace and Energy Bills.  Shutters made of poor quality materials are not guaranteed and you are on a high risk of getting filtrations causing your Energy Bill to go up!
  2. Clean Job on Site: we promise to our clientele to do a complete and clean job on site, customizing your Window Shutters based on your desires, measuring before doing any installation also taking care of every single detail using new parts including new hinges, stainless steel screws, and just quality materials at the moment of your Window Treatment Installation.

Call us Today at no commitment (714) 739-2801 or CONTACT US HERE...

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Shutters History

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Do you know when were the first window shutters created?

The first window shutters were created by ancient greek designer, primarily made of marble, a material used by most of the Greeks to decorate their homes.  And the design of the first window shutter was made to regulate sunlight and to let air flow inside the house.

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Plantation Shutters in Los Angeles CA

At Discount Blind Shop our art is Creating Top Quality Window Coverings. Since 1982 we have been creating Custom Window Shutters in Los Angeles, Exceeding Quality Standards, Using different materials like the Wood Polycore, Vynil, etc. and doing a clean job on site including Measurement, Consultation and Installation.

Our Window Shutters are top treated and are designed to meet Quality and Safety Requirements for Homes in Los Angeles California. Better yet we work with our Customers to exceed their expectations on Window Treatments like Custom Plantation Shutters.

We customise Window Shutters that would increase the value of your Home and also that would help you save a little bit of money on your Electric Bills. If you are buying a House in 2013 our shutters will be the best outfit for your new Home.

All our Window Shutters are design to preserve environment indoors. If you want a moderated light during the morning, you can adjust our Shutters at your discretion.

If you are in Los Angeles or Los Angeles County call us now (714)739-2801

Plantation Shutters in LA

Top Treatments in Los Angeles that are Affordable and Customizable on different materials and ways.

We have Polycore Shutters in Los AngelesPolycore Shutters LA

Features: ʘ Resistant ʘ Customizable on your likes ʘ Affordable

We have Wood Shutters that are traditional, beautiful and affodable as well.

Wood Shutters LA

In Los Angeles we are always available to our customers Call us (714) 739-2801.

Dressing your Windows with Custom Designs is our expertise and our consultation is free

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About Us

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About Us

Discountblindshop is a online branch of Creative Window Coverings which manufactures custom draperies, beddings and top treatments. Creative Window Coverings opened its doors in 1982 as a manufacturer of custom window coverings and since then has created a broad client base and has maintained a outstanding reputation. We can provide you quality window coverings at the best price and also offer you our advice and information for your window covering needs.

Why Us ? 

-In business since 1982.
-Deal directly with manufacturer of custom window coverings.
-Have good knowledge and experience of window covering business.
-Will give best price for quality window coverings.
-Will provide free samples.
-Will offer information and advice for your window covering needs.
-Professional Installation.
-All drapes made in our own facility.

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Discount Wood Shutters

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Discount Wood Shutters

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Discount Vinyl Shutters

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Discount Vinyl Shutters

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Discount Special Shutters

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Discount Special Shutters

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Discount Polycore Shutters

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Discount Polycore Shutters

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