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Discount Custom Draperies Costa Mesa, CA

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Discount Custom Draperies Costa Mesa, California

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Custom Draperies are one of the most common Window Treatments used to decorate households and businesses in Costa Mesa, besides Window Blinds and Plantation Shutters. The wide variety of fabrics and curtains that are available in the market are not always helpful for the customer who wants to make a final decision. When we talk about choosing the fabric and the right hardware to create a stunning Custom Drapery, our advice for you is to narrow down the options (Fabric Color and Hardware Materials) to the ones that match up with the current color of your walls, the materials used on your floor like wood, marble and/or upholstery on furnitures and chairs. If you are going through a lot of hassle trying to find a beautiful Custom Drapery for either a specific place or a particular window size we are here to help you taking the measures and details. In Costa Mesa we are offering Free Custom Help in order for the process of choosing the perfect Window Coverings for your home to be less tedious and more comfortable with our expertise and experience on Window Treatments.  For immediate help click HERE.

Let´s Customize your Window Drapery or Curtains

We customize your Window Draperies making sure to satisfy your likes! for the Customization of your Curtains we have the best selection of materials and quality fabrics such as silk and linen. If your desired fabric includes patterns or embroidery we will embelish your drapes with beautiful appliques.

Choosing the colors and patterns is really easy with our advice, If you would like to use the same upholstery as your furniture, we would help you with the creation of your Custom Drapery, or if instead you would like to combine your drapery using the same color as your roof or use a different type of fabric just to diversify which is a great idea and in fact is trendy on modern interior designs, there is a wide variety of fabrics such as novelty fabrics, batik fabrics, children fabrics and designer upholstery fabrics ready for the confection of your curtains.

We will bring the showroom to your home! the customization depends first on your choice of colors and materials so we can start with the confection of your Custom Drapery, and in order for you to choose we will bring our catalogue of fabrics to your home for an easy selection. After taking care of the election of your fabric it is necessary to choose a drapery harware that combines with the materials used on your room like wood, aluminum, or steel. In order to choose it is important to consider the different types of hardware.

Rods are your first piece of Drapery Hardware!

Regardless of the kind of Custom Drapery you have selected to adorn your window with, rods are the piece of hardware upon which you will hang your draperies, your selection of the right piece of rod will depend as we have mentioned previously on the materials used to build either your floor, furniture or roof.  There is a wide variety of materials on Rods such as wood, steel, aluminum and many others.  Primarily, curtain rods will easily fit into the brackets mounted above the window if you have a standard window size.  On wide window sizes it would be necessary to use rods extension or get the measures of your window to get an exact piece of rod.

Finials is a decorative feature of your Window Treatment

Finials are absolutely important if you would like to give your drapery rods the perfect end.  This is the piece of hardware that is attached to the end of the rods and it is also available on different materials, the most commonly seen are made of wood and these are easy to paint with spray if necessary.  As far as the style we can find elegant or simple, antique and modern and go a long way toward the improvement of your Custom Drapery.

Rings will add stability to your Custom Drapery

Rings will add that decorative touch that you are looking for on your Custom Draperies and it also allows your draperies to easily glide along the rod for an smooth operation. The most important from the rings is the added stability that provides to your Custom Draperies after been attached to the rod. Wood is the most common type of ring although there is different types of materials and styles, the best is to buy one made of the same material of the overall hardware.

Creative Window Coverings is a company that is serving Southern California cities including: Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, Irvine, Santa Ana and other cities in Orange County, with the finest Window Treatments such as Plantation Shutters, Window Blinds, and Custom Draperies.  For Custom Help please contact us here or call us to our Phone Number (714) 739-2801 and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

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